The film industry is a multi-trillion dollar machine. This machine invests and utilizes all its resources to perfect light and sound. A movie theatre is a macrocosm of the brain more specifically your pineal gland. Every frame and every decibel is carefully selected to convey a message and stimulate a reaction from the viewer. Motion pictures influence the mind, here at Hollywood Decoded we provide a platform that removes the veil to expose what lies beneath. A wise man once said "There's no such thing as a coincidence"....

Superman vs. Batman

Fantastic Vonyage Primer

The Melanin Conference

Kingsman Decoded

After Earth Decoded

Django Decoded

Django Decoded is a powerful visual expose of the intrinsic and underlying symbolism of the film Django Unchained. This controversial picture delves deep into the Mythos of the Orishas. What's the importance of the "D" being silent? Who is BroomHilda? What was the reason for the blue outfit? What is the relation between dentist and bounty hunter? Answer these thought provoking questions, Tune In get In Tune with Hollywood Decoded!

Captain American Decoded

Captain America Decoded is a condensed plethora of ancient Afrikan reference used as a medium to showcase the interwoven connectedness of our holographic reality. In this episode we focus on the energy of Tehuti of ancient Kamit and the power of the word, in addition the history of America in antiquity. Who is the real Captain America? What is a Winter Soldier? What are the secrets behind the shield design? Is there any truth to the Zola Algorithm? These questions will be answered in this jam-packed production. Tune In and get In Tune with Hollywood Decoded!

Interstellar Decoded

Interstellar Decoded is a magical adventure of Quantum proportions! Find yourself traversing through a wormhole to another dimension of thought. Unification of the lower self and higher self is the main theme of this production. More specifically precise instructions on how to achieve this. Why is earth suffering such fate? Why is water so prominent throughout the film? Why name the Black Hole Gargantua? What happened in the climax of this film? Find the answers to these questions and more! Tune In and get In Tune with Hollywood Decoded.

Lucy Decoded

Lucy Decoded is a dynamic in-depth presentation revealing the hidden messages in the film Lucy. In this episode we focus on the mind and it's infinite potential. What are the necessary elements required to utilize your brain properly? With 90% of untapped resources it would only seem right to figure how to access all of this divine potential! What does Lucy mean? What is CPH4 and does it exist? What role does time really play in our existence? These questions among other cultural references will be explored. Tune In and get In Tune with Hollywood decoded!

Black Panther Decoded

Black Panther Decoded Primer is an introduction to the first large budget black superhero film. Spirituality is the ultimate foundation which is reinforced through this symbolic figure. In this episode we zone in on the history of the Black Panther Cult. The Panther has been a consistent totem throughout earths history. Especially during the 25th Dynasty of Upper Kamit. What is Vibranium? Is Wakanda real? Why was Chadwick Boseman chosen for this role? Learn of Apedemak and what it would be like to live in an Advanced Utopian Civilization of Love Peace and Progress. Tune In and get In tune with Hollywood Decoded.